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Yoga Classes




Yoga is a great source of strength, calm and grounding; supporting you through life's challenges. Whether you are looking for physical, mental or emotional wellbeing, yoga can help. ​Discover how to safely develop and increase your mobility, strength and balance, release tension and create more softness, fluidity, and space in your body (and mind!) 


It is a real joy to share the benefits of yoga with others; my passion for yoga makes my classes fun, enjoyable, down-to-earth and healing. Everyone is welcome, whether you are completely new or an advanced yogi - My classes will give you confidence and I will support you in a safe practice, whatever your level. I teach from my heart,  inspiring and nurturing in a calm, skilful and intuitive way. I encourage the integration of mind, body and breath, promoting healing and an awareness of space within the body's inner landscape. This helps you to live each moment connecting to dynamic stillness.

My Yoga Practice

My yoga journey began 25 years ago when I was fortunate to have my first class with the internationally renowned Simon Low. I studied with him on The Yoga Academy Teacher Training Course and graduated after the three year course in 2013. It is recognised as one of Europe's best yoga schools; British Wheel of Yoga Accredited School and Registered with The Yoga Alliance 200 Hour Level.

I continue to be inspired, and to deepen my knowledge and professional  development by regularly attending other teachers' classes, retreats and workshops; and also for the joy and  balance it brings to my own wellbeing.


In my yoga journey, it was a revelation to learn how to become much more body aware; an open body equals an open mind! Breathing practices (pranayama) are integral in Hatha Yoga and a core element of my classes, as breathing mindfully is so beneficial to our health. There is so much healing power in our breath! Shallow breathing patterns, caused by stress and poor posture have many negative effects on our mind and body health. I spent years shallow breathing, because I did not know how to breathe healthily. Yoga can help transform this, bringing self-discovery and inner balance. 

The physical postures (asanas) help to release tension stored in the body while the intentional focus on the breath and breathing practices (pranayama) connects the mind to the present moment. In a world where we are often pulled in various directions, yoga is a grounding practice. It encourages the development of strength, flexibility and mental resilience. Through regular practice, you can experience a profound sense of unity between body and mind, leading to enhanced well-being. 

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