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"An excellent class, friendly, local and welcoming, suitable for all ages, sizes and experience, with tuition of the highest standard - and conducted in the very relaxing surroundings of the Cathedral Hall, Arundel. 


Highly recommended, and long may it continue."


Nicholas Cavey

“Dawn is nothing short of an angel, she is extremely friendly, welcoming, professional, caring and a great listener who has helped both my girls with various problems.

One of my daughters suffered with reflux, colic, digestive problems and was a terrible sleeper. Dawn solved all her problems after a few sessions of Cranial work, Reflexology and Homeopathic Remedies.

She even helped my daughter, then aged 19 months, when she was struggling to cope with the loss of a close family member. My daughter also suffered from reoccurring chest and ear infections which she treated with Homeopathic remedies, none of the antibiotics that were prescribed ever did any good, they just made her worse. The remedies from Dawn were the only things that worked. Dawns’ holistic approach is so much better for children and has been the only thing that has consistently worked for my girls.”


Jessica Houston

“Dawn, I just wanted to let you know how much I have gained from coming to your restorative yoga class on Monday evenings.  It is a lovely mix of yoga movement and relaxation and I find it has benefited my wellbeing and sense of mindfulness greatly.  Such a nice friendly and relaxed class led by you in a fun but professional way.”


Susan Slade

"Dawn has provided Reflexology & Craniosacral Therapy for me. At every treatment I have found her to be very caring, knowledgeable & professional. I have found the treatments to be  been very calming and relaxing.  I would highly recommend her."   


Louise Nicholson 


"Dawn has provided relaxation treatments for our guests who stay in our holiday cottages. The feedback we have received has been very positive and complimentary with all clients  commenting on how caring, relaxing and professional her approach is. We have no hesitation in recommending her services." 


The Artisan Bakehouse 

"Dawn teaches classes for all abilities, from absolute beginners to experienced yogis. You will more than likely come away from one of her classes feeling not only physically refreshed and invigorated but also having a sense of mental calmness. 


Yoga is for all and being a guy I can certainly recommend it for getting that flexibility back again, particularly if you have or had a physical job. It also does wonders for dealing with the mental stresses and strains of everyday life. Highly recommended!"


 Alan Bayfield

Hello Dawn

I have been meaning to say this ..and keep forgetting until the next class!A few months back when XXXX and XXXX started to attend the Monday night restorative I realised something strange. With my eye bag in situ and relaxing into whichever pose , I could hear the occasional exclamation from them, .... of surprise!

And I remembered how that was for me in the beginning of my ‘yoga years’. I appreciate now that while yoga has indeed, given me a greater degree of flexibility and far fewer occasions of acute back pain, something more radical has happened. I have re- discovered my inner child 😊!  I think, in common with many many people, I lived quite cerebrally.... operating out of my head.

Now, when you give direction for a particular position.. I find myself able to understand it in a more intuitive way... ( doesn’t mean that im necessarily getting it right.. ) but my body responds in an instinctive way. This is the great gift and benefit of the yoga... I feel it has given me back to myself! Does that make sense? I am therefore, truly grateful for your classes. They are ‘restorative’ and holistic and I feel more complete as a consequence.

Thank you again Dawn!


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