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Dawn Bailey

Yoga Teacher and Holistic Therapist

British Wheel of Yoga Accredited

I love yoga as I just feel better for doing it! The beauty of yoga is that

anyone can benefit from it.  It is a tool available to us all, helping us to

live healthier lives every day.

Lower room - Cathedral Centre, Mount Pleasant, Arundel. BN18



Friday 18th August 10-11am CC

Normal Schedule resumes Monday 11th September 7-8.30pm



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Mondays  7pm - 8.30 pm   Restorative / Yin  Yoga

£15 per class X 4 paid in advance or £20 drop-in 

Restorative Yoga is a perfect balance and complement to dynamic practice. It combines nurturing, passive poses and breathing practices, often held for as long as 10 minutes, with the help of props such as bolsters and yoga blocks. The aim is to encourage a feeling of deep relaxation and the letting-go of held tensions in the body. It is ideal to heal the effects of stress, anxiety, fatigue and recover from illness or injury, to balance energy and quiet your mind. This "less is more" approach engages our parasympathetic nervous system which takes us into a healing state, in which we can experience rejuvenation of the body and mind.

This class is suitable for the complete beginner to the  more experienced.

Tuesdays 6 - 7 pm @ The Victoria Institute, Tarrant Street, Arundel  -    Flow Yoga

£10 per class X 4 consecutive weeks or £15 drop-in.

(No props or mats provided for this class - Please bring you own mat,  blanket and block)

This flow class is suitable for all levels and those with injuries; Yoga that synchronises movement and breath to work the body in a nurturing way and calm the mind. Letting go of tension and finding conscious relaxation is an integral element of the class as well as building strength and flexibility.

Fridays 10am - 11am - All levels

4 x class block £40 or £15 drop-in

In this class we work with gentle vinyasa, learning how to move with fluidity and ease whilst

keeping the mind focused on the rhythmic flow of the breath. We also work with static postures

helping you find balance of strength and release within the body. This class is suitable for

complete beginners or anyone who wants to understand how to release tension in the body.

Especially for those that have little or no experience of yoga and would like to

experience the benefits, in a relaxed, fun class. No flexibility necessary!

(I love teaching beginners and hearing about how the classes have helped

improve their lives.)

Private 1-1 sessions at my yoga space, Rustington, BN16.

A beautiful, tranquil room overlooking the sea provides a nurturing space

for a private lesson or small groups of up to 3 people. This is the traditional

way of teaching yoga and will allow us to work together to create a

programme to suit your individual needs. 

Prices from £45 per hour.

Wednesdays 10 am-11am   Hatha Yoga  ~ All Levels

 4 class block £40 or £15 drop-in

Working with a variety of themes and ideas to include different sequences such as Sun Salutations and

the “Flying Dragon” sequence. We explore a range of static postures, pranayama (breath work),

chanting and subtle anatomy, helping students deepen their practice and understanding of Yoga.


Please do not bring valuables -  Specs etc into the yoga room

as I am not responsible for any loss or breakages.

 Book with Dawn 171567

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(C.T.E.T, L.C.H, I.T.E.C)

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