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Dawn Bailey

My passion for health, wellbeing and my personal healing journey and for my children, led me to Yoga and the therapies I practice. My holistic and multi-disciplined approach is incredibly effective at restoring balance to physical and emotional health. Therefore I practice the therapies either separately or in combination accordingly to individual needs.


My background as a therapist includes over 15 years working in London clinics, yoga studios and yoga retreats in the UK and Europe. My training as a therapist started in 1994 and I have since qualified in Massage, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Homeopathic Medicine (1999, Regents College, London) Craniosacral Therapy (2000, Craniosacral Therapy Educational Trust.) Based now in West Sussex, I teach yoga classes and offer a wide range of holistic treatments, for both adults and infants. Please also see for details on Yoga and Wellbeing Day Retreats in West Sussex.

My personal yoga journey began 25 years ago when I was fortunate to have my very first class with the internationally renowned Simon Low. I studied with him at The Yoga Academy, recognised to be one of the best yoga schools in Europe.


Yoga makes life better; it is an immensely powerful and simple means of

exercise, healing, self-discovery and transformation. It strengthens your vitality,

helps reduce stress, with sleeping, digesting better and maintaining a

more balanced emotional and mental state to ultimately enjoy life!


It is a great source of strength and inspiration to me, guiding me through

life's challenges.

Whether you are looking for physical, mental or emotional wellbeing,

yoga can help.

When you come into a class feeling stressed or tired you leave

feeling rejuvenated, relaxed, having greater clarity and mental focus. 

It is a real joy and honour to share the benefits of yoga with others,

my passion for yoga make my classes fun, enjoyable and healing.

(C.T.E.T, L.C.H, I.T.E.C)

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